Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick update... with more to come!

Thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail in response to my last post. Everyone had pretty much the same idea- let her cry it out. This is what we normally do, I just found her drastic change in sleeping habits a bit strange. She would sleep fine when we were away from home too. My only guess is she heard a noise or had a dream that effected her feelings toward her bedroom. I am happy to say it only took about three nights to get her back on schedule and everyone is sleeping well again. Unfortunately, Emma has a cold again so that could change at any moment. Such is life in Michigan with a little one during the winter!

Also, in response to many questions I received, I believe I fixed the comment section so it should no longer cause anyone any trouble. You do not need a Google account to leave a comment. To leave a comment, click on the comments at the end of the post. Type your comment in the box provided and the click on the name/URL option. You can put your name in and leave the URL line blank. Hope that clears up some of the confusion :)
In other news, we are currently looking to go on vacation... as early as the end of next week! While I am ecstatic to be able to go away and have some quality family time, I am beginning to stress out. We originally were looking at Florida, but we missed all the good deals on air fare. I also looked at Texas, but it's pretty expensive to fly there as well. We would love to get there to see some of my good friends: Carolee and her family along with Jerry and Janet. I don't think it's going to happen this year though. At this point we are thinking about going to South Carolina, but Jason wants to drive. I agree that we will save lots of money that way and I'm all for road trips, but a 17 month old in the car makes me go cross eyed! However, if this is the only way I can get a family vacation I'm going to run with it. We'll all survive in the end, it just may take a few days to recover.

I'll leave you now with a picture of our precious one, fresh out of the bath with her baby (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Doyle :)

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