Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun with Bumpa

As most of you know, we live quite a ways from the majority of my family. We love it when we get the chance to spend time with any of them, especially my grandma and grandpa Burtraw who live in Arkansas. If we are lucky we get to see them two times a year. So it was awesome to spend the majority of a day with them this past Wednesday (My mom came along to visit as well which was another bonus!). When I was little, I called my grandpa "Bumpa" and he's decided that's what Emma should call him too. It took her a little while to warm up, but once she got over her grumpys they had a blast together. The spent a lot of time reading, singing, dancing and having a great time .

As you can see from the picture below, some of Bumpa's goofy behavior has worn off on Emma :)

My mom took Harley home with her when they left, which has left Emma very confused. She gave him a hug and kiss goodbye, but I don't think she really understood until he hopped in the car with grandma. We were waving goodbye from the window and she started to cry! I explained what was going on and she finally calmed down. Later that night she went into the office and laid down by the futon, calling for Harley (this is one of his favorite hiding places). She definitely misses her puppy dog.

We are leaving this evening for South Carolina... I'm excited, but a bit nervous about the drive. It looks like we have a lot of snow to drive through! We are looking forward to getting out of the snow, even if it's not going to be 70 there. I'll be sure to update with lots of pictures when we return.

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