Monday, March 22, 2010

My Other Child

I came home this morning to find that Harley, my four-legged child had gotten a hold of my prescription eye drops and tore the bottle up. Here we go again.... had to call Poison Control for the second time ever for my DOG. Who says kids are more work than pets???

My eye was swollen so I've been on steroid drops for three weeks now. The bottle has been on my dresser every night since I started using them without any problems, but for some reason he found interest in them today. And since the Rx info has nothing regarding ingesting the drops I had to call the good ol' 800 number this afternoon. I love my pooch, but man he can be a lot of work sometimes!
Needless to say, the nice gentleman who helped me said not to worry. Give him a treat to wash the taste out and he'll be fine. Phew, glad we don't have to rush him to the vet. He can be a pain in the tush, but he's also a great companion. I look forward to the memories Emma will make with him. She loves him like crazy already. He gets night-night kisses before she goes to bed and she is adamant he is included in our bed-time prayers. I didn't suggest or start these rituals, Emma came up with them on her own. I am so glad Emma is able to have a four legged friend!


Kate said...

i hear ya! my other child can be a huge pain in the tush too but we love him anyways and can't life with out him!

glad harley boy is ok! we should plan a summer day at the dog park so he and mr. waggles can play, and the human babies would love it too!

Anonymous said...

ha, thats funny! At least emma didnt eat the drops!! I think everyone has poisen control stories!! **Val**