Friday, April 9, 2010

Day Late and a Dollar Short

I'm terrible at this blogging thing. I'll think about something I want to post several times throughout the week and then life happens and I never get around to it! Here's a brief glimpse of what's been going on in the Klein household over the last few weeks.

Emma helping mommy in the yard- we are cleaning up the site of her soon-to-be play set and play house daddy is building for her.

With all the beautiful weather we've had, Emma and I have spent lots of time soaking up the sun at local parks. This kid loves the slides!

We had our first outdoor picnic of 2009. We may have to do this more often- so much less to clean up!

Grandpa Spence came for an early Easter visit with some special ears for Emma.

Here is the one and only picture of Emma Easter morning- she was going through every one's basket when they weren't looking and stealing candy. This kept her frazzled mom more than a little busy!

All dressed up and ready for church.

She loved the Easter egg hunt we had at Great-Grandma D's house later.

She was pretty good at it too- she found all her big eggs (shaped like ducks) and even some of her uncle's smaller ones.

I think she was kinda disappointed when it was all over :)

Emma worked up an appetite after the big egg hunt and she decided she loved Grandma Kirschner's chocolate fondue!

Emma in her stylin' piggy jammies ready to hit the road again after a long day.

Emma letting her Luna moths go- an experiment in our home courtesy of Grandma Kirschner.

That's about it for now. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I promise I'll try to get better at this whole thing- it's a work in progress!

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Kate said...

oh she looks SO cute in her easter dress!
and what a great shot of her on the slide, love it!