Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Live for Sundays

Sunday's are something we look forward to in the Klein household. They are coveted, in fact. It is the one day of the week where we are able to spend together as a family, completely uninterrupted by the demands that have consumed us during the week. I love spending the day with my little family of three. This past weekend we were even able to enjoy the outdoors together for the first time this year. We started off with a Jeep ride to Timbertown, planning to have a gourmet Subway picnic and then feed the ducks. Our plan failed when Emma fell asleep on the way to the park- it still baffles us that she can fall asleep with all the noise and wind that go along with a customary ride. Instead of a family picnic in the grass, Jason and I enjoyed our subs in the Jeep while watching the other families play and feed the ducks. We let our little one catch a few zzz's in the back because everyone knows that you don't wake a sleeping a toddler. We saved pieces of our sub buns for Emma to feed the ducks once she woke up. We both figured she would get much enjoyment out of this task since she is obsessed with ducks- "quack, quack" was one of her first words and the only animal noise she could make for a while. Even though she has moved on to learn many other animal sounds, she still seems to have a soft spot for these feathered creatures.

Once she woke up and had a snack, we headed to the water where daddy pointed out all the ducks to her.

We showed her how to throw the bread to the birds. They weren't flocking the beach though because they had already ingested close to a loaf of bread since many other families had already taken there turn feeding them.

But what does my daughter do? Does she feed the birds? Nope! She feeds herself! It was fairly amusing. I was glad I hadn't brought along the heels of bread I've been saving in my freezer. At least this was fresh stuff!

Then we headed to the library so mommy could quickly check out a book. We also walked to Centennial Park and let Emma run up and down the hills until she was so tired she couldn't walk straight. Before we left, daddy let her "drive" the Jeep. I'm afraid we are going to have our hands full in 15 or so years!

Once we arrived home, Emma followed Jason around asking, "Quad? Quad?" She can also make two-stroke noises, much to her daddy's delight and mommy's terror. She was very pleased to ride around the neighborhood with daddy and wasn't thrilled when the ride was over.

It was a wonderful day. Not only was I able to spend the whole day with my family, I was able to watch daddy and daughter bond. During the week they don't get a chance to spend much time together. I love these little glimpses into their relationship and pray that God continues to strengthen their ties. Sunday's ground us, and remind us what is really important in life.

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