Saturday, May 8, 2010

DHS Girl's Getaway

My friends from high school and I were finally able to schedule a trip to go away for the night together "just because". We have seen each other on and off for various showers, weddings, and the birth of babies since graduation, but we haven't had a chance to get the whole group together simply for some R and R while we catch up on each other's lives.

Once everyone had arrived Friday evening, we had a houseful consisting of seven adults and three kids ages 5, 2 and 1. Not only did I get to enjoy the company of my four closest high school buddies, but I also had my mom and her friend Cate in attendance. We spent lots of time eating, chatting, eating, playing games, eating.... you get the picture :) We definitely didn't spend much time sleeping. I think I got a grand total of four and a half hours. What can I say- our time was limited and I wanted to make the most of it.

Makaila and Emma lounging on the Pooh couch

Good-bye Kisses

The group (minus mom)

The kiddos- Emma, LJ and Makaila

Big thanks to my mom for coming along and cooking, cleaning and playing Grandma to all. You are the best! I'm glad the munchkins were able to come and play together as well. New bonds were formed in a few hours.

Even though we live far apart and lead separate lives, it was wonderful to come together to reminisce about the old days and chat about the future. Our friends help shape us and mold us to the people we are today. Getting together just reminds me how important you all are in my life and how much I miss each one for you! Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this- I hope we can do it again in the future.

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