Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Update on a Busy Weekend

Whew, it was a crazy-busy weekend at the Klein household. We had a dinner for Jessica (my sis-in-law) on Friday night to celebrate her impending graduation. Since my mom was in town to so graciously to baby-sit, Jason and I spent some time perusing G.R. after the dinner which made for a late night. Then we were up and off again on Saturday morning to attend the GVSU graduation. Emma and I had a low key evening when we returned home since we were both exhausted and I hadn't spent much time with her in the last 24 hours. Grandma sure wore her out- she slept 12 and a half hours that night! Guess we need to have grandma baby-sit more often :) On Sunday we headed down to Tulip Time after church to take in the festivities. It was a bit cool and Emma was a little grumpy, but it was some great (much needed :) family time.

Jess all ready to graduate- we're so proud of you. Congratualtions Class of 2010!

Possibly one of the only pics I will get off Miss Emma standing still at Tulip Time this year!

Emma "smelling" the tulips. She was actually breathing through her nose, but she was exhailing instead if inhaling. It was very cute although I was very nervous for the tulips with her being so close!

Walking around with Grandma and Aunt Jessica all dressed up.

Emma was buzzing around the house with her baby while waiting patiently for mommy to get all our stuff together to head to Tulip Time after church Sunday morning. You can see those little feet in motion!

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