Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Camping Trip of the Season

Okay, so we may have been home now for a week from our first trip, but it has taken me that long to catch up on laundry, clean up the camper and get acclimated to being home again.

Emma loved the park and the ginormous slide to boot, but it did make for one nervous mommy.

We spent some time huddled under awnings trying to stay dry and entertain the antsy kiddos.

Every night we hung out by the campfire and filled up on goodies.

Emma loved the water and we spent plenty of time pool-side.

Lots of time outdoors makes for one sleepy kiddo (mom may have taken a nap or two as well :)

She certainly didn't sit still while she was awake!

Emma got to spend lots of time with Daddy as well, which was wonderful for them both.

When it wasn't raining, someone still managed to find water to play in.

She looks like such a little grown-up in this pic- scary!

It was so awesome to see all the kids play so well together. They had a blast. We had tons of fun with family and friends and can't wait to head out again in July!

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