Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Lovin'

We have had so much fun around our house this past month. The warm weather has allowed us to spend a lot of time outdoors playing and having fun. Emma loves the water and would be in it all the time if I let her.
Emma loves the pool Grandpa Spence gave her and mommy loves being able to watch her slide and splash away.
We had the opportunity to hang out with Emma's buddies Aiden and Gavin for the day. I took the kids to enjoy tunes in the park where we had a picnic and danced the afternoon away.
All the fun and sun takes it's toll on Miss Emma. She loves to ride in the Jeep, but it typically puts her right to sleep.
We've made several trips to the beach where Emma inevitably ends up soaking wet, bathing suit or not.

Over the fourth, we were able to spend some time at my grandparent's house where Emma was able to hang out with her cousin Ellie. Aren't they cute?
Emma got to go for her first jet ski ride with Daddy. She said, "All done?" all the way around the lake- I don't think she was a fan!
Big hugs
On Monday evening we went to the wonderful display of fireworks right in Overisel. Emma was a bit clingy at first.
In the end, she loved them. She was clapping and hollering for more. Daddy wanted to make sure she had a good view.

We've also been busy doing projects around the house, such as install a new dishwasher and continue work on Emma's play set. She always wants to "help" and here we even have Harley getting in on the action.

June was a very busy month. The days flew by and I can't believe it is over already, but we're looking forward to whatever the rest of the summer has to offer!

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Kate said...

ahh! i just love summer! thanks for sharing your summer fun with us!