Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza!

This year we had a birthday party for Emma, but we tried to scale it down a little bit from last year. On Sunday we had all her grandparents, her aunt and her uncles over to celebrate the big two.

She was very excited to open presents and didn't know where to start.

Welcome to toddler hood- can you say, "Bi-polar"?

This gift caused the prior melt down. Daddy got her new high chair together quickly and it was put to use right away.

We had cupcake bar for dessert where everyone got to decorate their own cupcake.

Emma prepared to pray before she ate her cupcake- the singing confused the poor girl :)

On Monday, we headed over to play with our buddies Aiden and Gavin for the day. Emma was so excited to see them. She definitely missed them this summer!

She started loving on Gavs the minute he woke up. It's blurry, but still too cute.

I decided to take the kids to Deanna's Playhouse to continue the birthday celebration. It's one of Emma's favorite places to play. She loved doing circle time and singing songs.

After a birthday lunch of PB & J (Emma's choice) we had more birthday cupcakes. Aiden's birthday was earlier this month too, so they both got to blow out candles.

When we got home Emma wanted to color at her new table that I made for her while we waited for daddy.

It was a big hit! I used chalkboard paint on the table top so she can color right on the table.

Showing us how old she is- guess four is the new two :)

We had a birthday dinner at Micky D's. Don't worry, she had some nutritious food at home before the fat laden chicken nuggets and fries.

She had a ton of fun playing with daddy in the play place.

Emma enjoyed a kiddie cone before we left.... she ate most of the ice cream off the top before she dropped it on the floor.

A big thank you to all the friends and family who helped to make Emma's birthday special, whether it was a gift or some kind words. She definitely understood the birthday concept a bit more this year- she informed everyone while we were out on Monday, "Emma two. Happy birthday!"

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