Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farewell to the Camping Season

We have now completed the final camping trip of the season and while it was bittersweet to know this is our last expedition for the year, it was a ton of fun. Our group consisted of six families with ten kids all under the age of five (plus one due any day now)! The numerous children have a blast together and the mommies enjoyed some time together as well :)

A very thoughtful neighbor allowed the children to use her pool and sprinkler. They loved it and we were able to watch from a distance while staying dry- major bonus!

Emma decided to boycott naps while we were camping. You'd often find her like this, sans clothes, goofing around and looking for any attention. She drove her momma crazy playing with the thermostat and wreaking havoc on the trailer when she was supposed to be napping.

Last year Emma was nicknamed 'Dirt Nugget'. While she did get a bit dirty, nothing held a candle to these guys...

They were filthy!

Jason had a lot of fun entertaining everyone, young and old, with his remote control cars. Later in the week he hooked his truck to the wagon and gave rides, including himself! Sadly, I did not get pictures, but my buddy Lynds did.

Emma spent a lot of time following 'Auntie Val' and her girls around. First thing every morning, she wanted to know where Ellie and Aubrey were. When I tried to put pretties in her hair one afternoon, I was informed that I couldn't. She wanted Auntie Val to do it. How do I rate?

Emma and Macy playing on Maxer's JD tractor- farm girls at heart!

It was another successful trip, even if Lyndsey was still pregnant when we came home :) Thank you to all the ladies for the great times, good talks and lots of laughs. You are all wonderful and I feel blessed to call you each friend. We can hardly wait for next year!

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