Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

From the Klein Family Farm :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fun

It has been super busy around our house the last few weeks. I have been busy with munchkins galore and Jason has been living in his office and the combine (or so it seems). We are trying to enjoy every moment of the unusually warm beautiful autumn days.

This is the entire motley crew that keeps our house bustling on Wednesdays!

Thankfully we've experienced some amazing Sundays as well, so we've got to spend some quality time with Jason outdoors too!

We took a trip to DeGraff Nature Center to add some leaves to our collection (see below) and walk on the trails.
As the leaves continue to fall, I find myself running out of places to put them. We collected a bunch to paint with and make place mats out of. I made piles for the kids to jump in. We raked some and threw them in the woods. Then I had an idea...

We made a pumpkin family!


Emma and I

We had a ton of fun stuffing the leaves into the clothes and setting them up. I think this will be a fun tradition to keep up over the years as our family grows and changes. We may even carve faces on our pumpkins in the future, but I think we'll leave them 'au natural' this year :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Been 365 Days Since....

we've seen your face.

we've heard your laugh.

we've been able to chat.
you've made us laugh.

It's so hard to believe you're really gone. Some days I find myself picking up the phone, ready to call you with a question or ask for some advice and then it hits me. I can't. Or I watch Emma play and think about how much fun you guys would have together. It hurts. You'd be so proud- Emma's current favorite color is purple, just like her Granny :) All I can do is promise to tell her about you. The wonderful person you were. Please know you are loved and missed!

We may not understand His reasons,

Or know God's prefect plan,

But we can take comfort in knowing,

That we will see you again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art Prize

Like many others in West Michigan, we decided to head on over to Grand Rapids on Sunday to check out all the talent on display for Art Prize. It was a great day to spend as a family- we've really missed Jason around our house!

Of course we had to get our picture taken with the giant pig :)

Emma loved the elephants and insisted on touching them.

Emma jammin' on the piano.

Making music with daddy.