Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Thanksgivings- Day 10

So don't laugh at me for this one... but today I am thankful for my dog Harley. I grew up with lots of pets in my house, so it is only natural for me to continue the tradition in my own home. Only there's one catch- Jason doesn't really like animals in the house. Unfortunately for him, Harley and I came as a package deal so he puts up with him. The dog can be a pain in the butt; he doesn't listen well and will run away at the first chance he gets. He's a little bit quirky and definitely one of a kind. With all that being said, he is good company and wonderful to cuddle during those long nights of planting and harvesting. Nothing can pass by our house without Harley alerting me of it's presence. He is also wonderful with Emma and I hope she has the chance to make many memories with him and I did growing up with my dogs.

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