Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Painting We Will Go!

As if the month of December wasn't busy enough already, I have taken on a few home improvement projects as well. Not sure what I was thinking... Here is a sneak peek of a few of the things I am currently working on.
I have always wanted a buffet for our big dining room, but never been able to justify the cost. After a session at my MOPs group with Christy over at Room for Change I was totally motivated to find one and revamp it (check her out, she's got some great stuff). I found this beauty at Goodwill for $25! My husband didn't see the vision at first, but I think he's getting there :)
The stairwell and upstairs hall has been my other project. I have hated the paint since we moved in four years ago, but never had the gumption to do anything about it. I finally had it though and the old paint is going to go!

May I just express how much I detest taping things off to paint. I love the chair rail in the hall, but it made for a ton of extra work! Stay tuned to see how everything turns out.

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