Monday, January 24, 2011

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Three Babies in the Tub!

This girly loves her babies!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

One of the Best Gifts of All

We have lived in our house for almost 5 years now. Jason and I looked at a TON of houses. Ours was the first one we both left smiling. We knew it was were we wanted to begin our life together and start our family. There wasn't much we wanted to change about it, except for this:

The run-down, abandoned house next door. It's owned by the mill on the other side and is quite the eye sore. Yet there was not much we could do about it. At the time we moved in, the fire station down the road was using it for fire drills. Eventually the house became dubbed unsafe inside and it became critter haven. In 2009, we kindly approached the owners and asked them if they would do something about it. Soon we had people going through and taking things out, ripping off siding and breaking windows out. We thought this must mean action was going to take place. Then suddenly the action stopped and the house sat silent again, in worse shape then before. So you can only imagine my excitement on December 23 when I woke up to this going on outside:

Merry Christmas to us! Farewell house, it's been nice knowing you. While we appreciated the privacy your walls provided for our backyard, we'll get over it. We'll plant some trees. We wish the critters that lived in your depths weren't currently seeking new homes elsewhere (a.k.a. our basement) this winter, but it's okay. We'll set traps. There is no more fire hazard, death trap next door. We are so glad to see you go!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part 2

From Christmas eve to Christmas day we shuffle around between three houses. It's crazy chaos, but it's family and traditions that keep me going. Some day it may have to change, but for now I enjoy it and the memories that are made every year.

At my grandma Doyle's house we enjoy a big meal of prime rib and lots of other goodies before we have our annual Christmas program. Back in the day it consisted of myself and my cousin Linds reading the Christmas story out of the Bible. Over the years it has morphed into something more. We light candles, the kids all have parts they read from the story and we sing carols. Emma doesn't understand it yet, but I look forward to the day she can participate! Then we open presents.

Emma and her uncle testing out the boy's new sled.
Our nice family photo with our cute cooperative two year old. I got the cute part right anyways... not only is she in mid "No Cheese", but it also looks like she is flicking off the camera.
An attempt at the four generations-fail #2
From my grandma's house we head to my mom's house. We spend the night there and do Christmas morning with my mom, step-dad and brothers. This year we were blessed to have my grandma and grandpa Burtraw from Arkansas present as well.
Emma tearing into her stocking.
Making Christmas cookies with grandma Jen.
In the afternoon we head west again to stop in Lansing and celebrate with my dad and Cindy's mom.
Emma with her new ferret from grandpa. Mommy is so happy it's a stuffed animal and not anything live!
The two cheeseballs- they are quite the pair!
As you can see it was hectic and busy, but worth every minute. I feel blessed to have such a large family even if we don't live as close as I would like. I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday season as well!

The Rest of the Parties... Part 1

Now that the blur of Christmas is over, I'm working to get things in order.... of course I still haven't printed pictures from Christmas 2009 so it might be a while :) It's hard to believe we had a mere 6 parties the week of Christmas. No wonder my kid keeps asking for more presents! After we returned from my dad's we had two Klein parties back-to-back. The extended family got together on Sunday and then it was jsut the seven of us on Monday night.

We draw names for the big family party. Emma got a Hide-and-Seek Jojo, which mommy put on her list... needless to say she loves it, but mommy is ready to throw it out in the snow! Who knew a little blue bunny could be so annoying (and a bit creeepy)?

Emma opening presents with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ross on Monday.

She got a scooter and helmet from Grandma and Grandpa Klein. A wardrobe change took place also. She got a shirt from Aunt Jessica that says "My Aunt is my BFF" and she insisted on changing.
Jason bought Emma a gift while he was out shopping this year. Based upon the look on Emma's face he did a good job. Mommy's not nearly as excited about the Playdough and the mess that comes with it, but I know she'll love it.

I think Emma is more excited about daddy's new undies than he is :)

She loves her doll that I won from Baby Be Blessed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


With the holidays over, I keep thinking things will slow down and I will be able to catch up on everyday life- who am I kidding??? Take this blog for instance- I have a ton of posts that I've started. but not finished for whatever reason (I'm resolving to get to them in the next few days so be prepared for lots of updates :). It feels like life is moving in a whirlwind around me. I am constantly focusing on all the things that I have yet to do and in turn I'm not really paying attention to life going on all around me.

Since it is a new year, often filled with new resolutions, I am vowing to take more time to appreciate the little things. The way my daughter so meticulously cares for her dolls, the giggles that make her little belly shake when we make goofy faces together. The way her eyes light up when her daddy walks in the room. On the days when she is a little crab cake I have to remind myself that "this too shall pass" and cherish this precious one.

Happy New Year!

Crafts Aplenty!

Every Christmas I set a budget for us. It is so easy to go overboard during the holidays, so it helps keep me in check. This year, I tried to add more homemade items to the list. Now that all the gifts have been given, I can reveal all the projects I have been working on for the past month and a half.

My aunt and uncle are avid MSU fans, so I made this banner for them. My grandma used to be in interior design so she had all these wonderful fabric samples for me. All I did was trim, paint the letters and add rick-rack. This should fit right in their Sparty room.

With some help from Miss Emma, we also made some gifts for the grandparents. Grandpa Spence got a t-shirt.

Grandma Kirschner got a tote.

Grandma Klein received an apron. Emma loved being involved with the gifts and the grandparents love their keepsakes they can show off and use.

I also made ornaments. I started this tradition when Emma was born and have been asked to continue it. I buy glass bulbs at the craft store and then put a wallet pic of Emma inside with some sort of filler in the back- tinsel, shredded craft paper, etc. I forgot to take a pic of it this year and since the decorations are all packed away for the year, you'll just have to use your imagination on this one :)

I also gave out a lot of beer bread mix and flower pins. I'd share a pic of the flowers, but there aren't many left. I'm working on an Etsy shop though, so there will be pics soon!