Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Piggy Fun

We recently had a new load of piglets brought to the farm, so we decided to take Emma to see them. This only happens twice a year- we have to take her to see them while they are small because once they are full grown they would be very intimidating, not to mention loud! It's fun to look back at Emma's first encounter with the pigs last year and see how much things have changed.

When we started off in the barn, she had a death grip. There was no way she was going to let me set her down. Eventually she started to feel brave and wanted to explore... then daddy picked up a pig for her to pet. All bets were off, she wanted up immediately. Pigs may make an oink-ish noise in calm situations, but when they are under duress they squeal. Loudly.  This petrified Emmabuns. Once we assured her she was safe, daddy tried to find a more willing specimen.

She was fearless compared to her timid self last year. Once she felt comfortable, she was running up and down the pens giggling in delight. She was so proud of her light shoes that she wanted to show them off to the pigs, who in turn were petrified of the flashing lights she produced as she stomped up and down.
The only time the pigs weren't afraid of her shoes was when she was sitting still. In that scenario, they were more interested in trying to get a taste of them, which is the cause for this stiff "cheese' picture :) 
 She even tried her hand at feeding them. I'll be honest, I'm a bit fearful of doing that! I know they won't hurt me, but I don't want to be nibbled on.
I'd say we had a very successful trip this year. You can see she skipped happily out of the barn (after a short burst of protesting). Once we got to the truck, she refused to get in because she had pig poop on her pants. I explained to her that we couldn't take them off until we got home. I finally got her buckled into her car seat and we headed home. I looked back to check on her at one point and she had her hands covering the poo. I asked her what she was doing and she said she made the poop all gone- silly kid!

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