Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tulip Time- Love it or Hate it?

Every May I get all geeked up to head downtown. I get to dress my little one up, eat elephant ears and join in on all the festivities. We have a week full of fun activities to occupy our time while the hubby is busy in the field. Emma was even old enough to enjoy the festivities at Kinderplaats this year.

Then it arrives and we have to find a parking spot.... that's not 10 miles from our destination. Even if you arrive early, this task often proves impossible. And frustrating when you are toting around a two year old and all her stuff. You better pack plenty of drinks and snacks as well, unless you want to fork over your first born for a glass of lemonade.

Next you have to find a seat for you to plop down and watch one of the various parades. The problem with parades during the month of May in Michigan is that you never know what the weather will bring. Some years it's chilly, or it could be raining. This year it was hot. Like humid 90 degrees with no wind hot.

But then you get to see the joy on your little one's face as she takes it all in. She loved every minute of it, with the exception of getting dressed up to take pictures- don't worry she was compensated for her efforts :) Overall, it was fun. I'm sure we'll be spending more time (and money) on Tulip Time next year.
She loved the bounce house and provided lots of entertainment for others.
Getting her face painted for the first time.
She loved the inflatable maze- I think she went through at least a dozen times!

Eating the lunch we packed while eagerly waiting for the parade to start.
My pretty little Dutch girl.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just a Few Things I Whipped Up...

I've been at it again. At this rate, I may need to rent a both at one of the next craft fairs to get some of this stuff out of my house :) I have been trying some new flowers and am really happy with how they are turning out! Here's just a couple:
 This was a practice one for my sis-in-law's wedding. I am making smaller ones for the little girls' hair.

There's lots of pink here- I need to round out my color palette a bit I think! A few of these have made it to etsy, but they're not all there yet. I'm working on it.

 I also added a tie to this onesie for a friend of mine who just had a little boy. I love how it turned out, although it would have gone a lot faster with a sewing machine. It took my over an hour and a half to hand stitch this baby together! It was totally worth it though :)

I've also spent a lot of time perusing other blogs for crafty ideas. There are several I've saved to work on at a later date. If I come up with anything worthy of sharing I'll let you know! Now I just need to find time to work on all my projects... What have you been working on lately?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ready for Summer

We have been enjoying every moment of the beautiful weather we've been experiencing in Michigan for the past few days. Flip-flops, playing outside, meals on the deck and an occasional popsicle have been part of our daily routine. How is it that this little on can take over an hour to eat her mean, but finish off a popsicle in less than 5 minutes?
Please ignore the crazy hair do. It was hot and sweaty outside and the wind kept blowing her hair in her face so she demanded a headband for our meal :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day- whether you are a mom, waiting to be a mom, have a wonderful mom, or the memory of your mom. I pray that you were celebrated today and know how special you are in other's lives!
I am so thankful that I have a fabulous mom. I pray that I can be the kind of mother she has always been for me. She is a wonderful example of motherhood!

Emma is such a good mommy to her Piglet- she had to zip him up in her coat to carry him around and keep him warm :) I am so thankful for this beautiful little one in my life. I am blessed to be her mommy!

A mother is not be compared with another person- she is incomparable.
-African proverb

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Visit with Papa

Emma is very blessed to have many grandparents in her life who adore her. We were fortunate to have my dad come for a visit last weekend and play. They ran around outside until Miss Emma could run no more!

It is hard living far away from my family, but it makes the time we do get together so precious. Emma loves her grandparents and we cherish the time we get with each one of them!