Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tulip Time- Love it or Hate it?

Every May I get all geeked up to head downtown. I get to dress my little one up, eat elephant ears and join in on all the festivities. We have a week full of fun activities to occupy our time while the hubby is busy in the field. Emma was even old enough to enjoy the festivities at Kinderplaats this year.

Then it arrives and we have to find a parking spot.... that's not 10 miles from our destination. Even if you arrive early, this task often proves impossible. And frustrating when you are toting around a two year old and all her stuff. You better pack plenty of drinks and snacks as well, unless you want to fork over your first born for a glass of lemonade.

Next you have to find a seat for you to plop down and watch one of the various parades. The problem with parades during the month of May in Michigan is that you never know what the weather will bring. Some years it's chilly, or it could be raining. This year it was hot. Like humid 90 degrees with no wind hot.

But then you get to see the joy on your little one's face as she takes it all in. She loved every minute of it, with the exception of getting dressed up to take pictures- don't worry she was compensated for her efforts :) Overall, it was fun. I'm sure we'll be spending more time (and money) on Tulip Time next year.
She loved the bounce house and provided lots of entertainment for others.
Getting her face painted for the first time.
She loved the inflatable maze- I think she went through at least a dozen times!

Eating the lunch we packed while eagerly waiting for the parade to start.
My pretty little Dutch girl.

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