Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

After a wonderful week of camping with some dear friends (more to come on that later :), we had some things to do before we could celebrate Jason. Packing and unpacking the camper, getting 20 loads of laundry started, catching up on book work... Once we were done though, it was all up to the big daddy of the house.

Last year we spent the day at Silver Lake enjoying the beautiful weather and sand dunes. Jason briefly entertained this idea until he remembered that the Jeep is gone. So we spent the day together enjoying west Michigan instead.

The first request was ice cream so we headed over to Captain Sundae for a frozen treat. Next we hit up the putt putt golf course for 18 holes. He did win by a few strokes, but how could I beat him on his day???  Then we headed out to the beach to stroll around and test out the water- pretty chilly yet. We ended the day with his fav meal, pizza from Pizza Hut.

Sadly I didn't have my camera along to capture the memories that we made today, but it was a joyful occasion all the same. I hope that all the wonderful dad's out there had a fabulous day and know how celebrated and loved they are, including mine!

Thank you for all that you are and everything you do babe! You are an awesome father who teaches our little one new things every day. I look forward to all the memories you will continue to make with our peanut over the years. Each one of them is special and unique that forms a forever bond.

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