Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Start to Summer!

This post may be a bit behind (only like a week), but when you return home from a week long camping trip there are things to be done. Such as the book work you neglected while on vacay, the umpteen loads of laundry, the unpacking and cleaning of the camper, not to mention the celebration of Father's Day once we returned to the homestead. Needless to say, our first trip of the year was a success- how can it not be with beautiful weather, surrounded by awesome friends and family???

Emma loved camping this year almost as much as playing with the adorable Meiste boys. We may have to keep an eye on these guys, oh 16 years down the road or so :) Emma would update me from her bed every morning on the happenings outside her window. She wanted to make sure she didn't miss out on a thing. Especially precious play time. Here are just a few snapshots of all the fun activities we partook in while at Tri-Ponds
Emma and Daddy fishing.

Checking out the tadpoles mommy caught.

Enjoying time at the petting zoo, the fav attraction. Max was a natural with all those animals!

Burning off some energy on the jumping pillow- who doesn't want one of these in their backyard?

Doing some demo in the rain. And guess what, no one yelled at us!

Playing after the rain. Waters not going to stop these kiddos!

We did try to throw a few naps in the mix, but you can tell what Emma thought about that :)

Checking for snails at the beach.

Lil' Ayla even got in on the water action.

Spending some time at the pool with daddy.
This was our first experience at Tri-Ponds and we loved it! We are already talking about another trip there possibly later this summer. They had so much to offer the kids and everything was really well maintained and cared for. Camping is probably one of my favorite summer activities and I can't wait to get the camper on the road again!

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