Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lovin' Those Summer Nigths

We are finally getting the chance to enjoy some warm, dry weather here in Michigan! Last night, Emma and I took full advantage of the beautiful evening. We packed up some fruits and veggies, hit up Wendy's (hence the cooler full of healthy food :) and headed to the park. The temps outside were glorious, perfect for a little picnic.

 Emma did a great job eating all her food even with the various distractions around her. A bus drove through the parking lot as we were packing our things up to go play that was blasting music. Turned out to be a wedding party and they stopped to throw candy to the kids. Emma was so confused. She remembered all the candy she collected on Memorial Day at the parade and was worried because she didn't have a bag to collect the candy in!
 Then we went to feed the duckies- mommy forgot the duck food, so she had to share her hamburger bun instead.
 Almost a hour was spent running with wild abandon from play structure, to slides, to swings and back. You can see the sheer joy on my little one's face :)

 Of course, what's a perfect summer night without ice cream??? We had to pick up dinner for daddy on the way home to deliver to his tractor and Miss Emma got her own ice cream cup. As you can see, she was thrilled.
 Once home, Emma had a quick shower and wanted to show Grandma Jen how she uses mommy's hair towel like a big girl.
Within minutes of laying down she was out cold, feet hanging out of the end of her bed. Looks rather uncomfortable to me, but I think she was trying to cool off with the fan blowing from her dresser. All that playing wears a girl out!

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Vivi said...

Wow, she can sleep soundly with a leg sticking out of the crib! :D