Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Bweathe....

Emma has learned this phrase from me- I often use this expression during meltdowns to calm her. It typically works. There are also times where she tells me the exact same thing. Calm down and bweathe mommy. I have been telling myself this very same thing for the past few days.

It's so hard to see your kiddo uncomfortable and in pain. I assumed after her surgery she would spend lots of time laying around dozing and watching tv. She did that on day 3 of recovery. Other than that, she has been a feisty little thing. I'm pretty sure it's a combo of pain meds and a diet of sherbet, popsicles, juice, jello and slurpees. The poor kid rarely has large amounts of sugar and now she might as well have a daily iv for it!

We can get through this. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In a few days I think I may have my bed to myself again, not to mention a full night sleep (I haven't seen that in almost a week). Pretty soon she'll be able to play and be herself again. We won't have to lay on the couch all day and watch the same movies over and over again. I'm not gonna lie it was fun the first day or so, but now it's lost it's luster.

Sorry, just had to rant a bit. I love my peanut and can't wait until she is back to her normal sweet self! The current bi-polar muchkin I'm dealing with can wait for another 10 or so years when she becomes a sullen and moody teenager :)

On the upside, we were able to take her to go see her first movie in the theatre yesterday and she loved it! Daddy wasn't as thrilled to sit through the new Winnie the Pooh movie, but Emma really enjoyed it. Luckily there were also only 5 other families enjoying the show with us, so her squirming went unnoticed. What better place to spend a summer day when it is 90+ outside?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prayers Please!

Emma is scheduled for a tonsillectomy this morning at 7:00 a.m. Please pray that the surgery goes smoothly and she recovers quickly. I'm not sure who's more anxious at the moment, myself or my toddler! I'll try to update this afternoon...


We have made it home and now my little peanut is resting comfortably on the couch with grandma Jen, eating sherbet and watching movies to her heart's content. It was a long morning though and I'm gearing up for a few long days ahead.

Our check-in time at the hospital was 7:00. I got a whopping 1.5 hours of sleep last night, so I was dragging before we even started. Upon entering the truck and learning where we were going, Emma was not interested in leaving. She put up a fight once we got to the hospital and when we got checked in she wanted nothing to do with her hospital gown.

You can tell how pleased she was with me!
 After we got her ready, they came in and gave her meds to make her a bit drowsy and the transition to the OR go more smoothly. This allowed a few laughs and lightened the mood.

She was trying so hard to pick things up that were merely pictures in her book.

We then had to play the waiting game. To make things go quicker (and honestly to appease the prego lady :) my mom and I went to get breakfast while we waited. She was gone for almost an hour between pre-op, the surgery and post-op.Once they allowed us back in I had to wait patiently until they brought her back to the room.

We were warned by her arrival by this odd screeching noise that I was surprised to discover was coming from my child. She was trying to climb out of her bed while clawing at her iv and face. It took almost an hour for her to really settle down- thank goodness for pain meds! Then it took another hour to convince her to eat a popsicle so we could leave.

Cuddling quietly with Daddy after her surgery.
 After she proved she would take liquids and could keep them down we were able to be discharged. She nodded in and out of sleep all the way home while watching Winnie the Pooh. When we came in the house she had quite the melt down- throwing herself on the floor, kicking and screaming. She has finally settled down and is content to eat popsicles and sherbet while watching tv. Hopefully she'll get a nap in here somewhere too!

Slurpees solve all our problems around here! Her poor little face has scratches from when she was coming down from the anesthesia and bruises and burst blood vessels because she got so worked up :(

Praying that things continue to go well from here on out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

We've been crazy busy over here, just trying to stay cool most days. Between camping up north at my grandparent's house for the Fourth of July, boating, camping locally with my in-laws and beaching it's been chaos! Lots of days spent sticky with sunscreen and sand- I wouldn't trade them for anything :)

Riding in the paddle boat on Lake 13 with Daddy

Playing with cousin Ellie on Grandma Linda and Papa Russ' beach

Swimming in the deep water with Daddy

The ol' man doing an impressive job knee boarding :)

Emma 'watching' the fireworks- when her ear plugs failed to dull the sound, she laid down between mom and dad and hid!

Playing softball with aunt Jessica and Liz at Dutch Treat.

Enjoying a breakfast treat- you think she was excited???

Playing at the beach in Grand Haven with my friend's daughter Makaila.

Enjoying a boat ride on Gun Lake.
It has been a joyous summer so far and I pray these days continue on for a while! Hope you are enjoying your summer as well!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Hope everyone had a safe and festive Fourth of July! Ours was filled with plenty of fun and family :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big News {Four} Us!

We have some exciting news to share over at the Klein household. It's been a long time coming... like 1.5  years. Emma would like to share it with you :)

Our home is expanding from 3 to 4- Emma is going to be a big sister! Our newest addition is expected to arrive in February 2012.

We I was planning on waiting a bit for this particular post, but I'm afraid my beautiful toddler has let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Daddy told her right away, while I was thinking we should hold off for a while. We are so thrilled!

"For this child I have prayed"- 1 Samuel 1:27