Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My How 3 Years Can Fly By!

It seems like just yesterday we brought our little bundle of joy home...
So fresh and new to the world!
And today our big girl turns three!
Sporting her John Deere hat daddy bought her for her birthday.
She goes back and forth between being a big girl and being a baby- I think the one baking in my belly may have something to do with the latter attitude :) I will still give anything to have her cuddle up on my lap. I know my time is limited. Soon she really will be a big girl, headed for school and more independence. So I'll continue to cherish all the little moments with her. Especially since the day is coming when she won't be the 'only' anymore.

Sweet girl, you bring sunshine to my day! When you giggle you light up a room. Your daddy and I are truly blessed to have you in our lives. We pray that God continues to give us guidance and wisdom as we watch you grow. You are such a sweetheart, always showing kindness and compassion to those around you- I pray these traits stay with you as you always. We love you peanut!

We were able to have a birthday celebration for Emmabuns on Sunday with our close fam. There was plenty of celebrating going on with lots of cake and presents too.
Grandma Jen made a whale full of fruit to go along with our beach theme.

Emma had an octopus hot dog for her dinner :)
The piece de resistance- her sandcastle cake. I had hoped to do a tutorial on this later, but this frazzled mommy ran out of time and never got any other pics of the cake!
With three sets of grandparents and an adoring aunt, there was sure to be some spoiling going on. Emma was thrilled with all her gifts, especially her doll house and big girl bike. Both have already endured hours of entertainment since the big party.

Putting her babies to bed before she goes to sleep.
Cruising on her new bike with baby alonmg for the ride.
Today I had to work, but the celebration continues. Emma loves her 'broders' :) I let her pick what we did today and her request was to play at Deanna's Playhouse and then head to 'Donalds for lunch.
Three peas in a pod ready to go play.

Emma spent lots of time dressing up today, but she always had a doll in tow.

The crew enjoying lunch before more play time in the play land.

After a quick nap we had cupcakes with the boys before heading home for an eveing of fun. We picked up a hot-n-ready pizza and took it to the park where Emma was able eat, feed the ducks and play with daddy before he headed back to work.
They can hardly wait to dig in.
Too distracted by the other kids playing to eat!

Ready to race daddy down the slide.
 We hope you had a wonderful birthday princess, we love you to pieces!

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Val said...

she will forever love that doll house!! They changed the house a lot in three years, that one is way cooler than ours! lol!