Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Little Wedding Crasher

Surprise, surprise I'm behind again :) Last weekend was a whirlwind of wedding festivities and it has taken us a few days to recover.

Friday evening we had rehearsal followed by dinner at the Trestle. Emma didn't get a nap so she was a little full of it. Overall, rehearsal went smoothly though. Our little darling was thrilled to walk down the aisle and throw petals for aunt Jessica. I must say this surprised me a bit- I was fearful she wouldn't want to have anything to do with it. The only problem was that during the 'ceremony' she was a little busy body. She ran from her seat to daddy, then to me, back to grandma. I was a little concerned this was a sign of things to come...

Saturday morning I headed over to the church bright and early to get my hair done while Emma played with Grandma Jen. I had hoped she'd sleep in with the busy day prior, but she was wide awake at 7:00! They joined us at the church at 11:00 so Emma could get her hair done too. She did a great job sitting still for Katie, although Nemo may have had something to do with that. Once she was done it was hard to keep her from ruining her hair. We started pics at 1:00 and Emma wanted nothing to do with them. I'm afraid I may have been a bit tense for pics trying to keep Emma reined in while keeping a big grin on my face.
Hanging with aunt Jessica while she gets her hair done.
All my toddler needed was a little tiara!
One of the few smiles I didn't have to fight her for.
After two hours and very little cooperation, I took her to the nursery and rocked her. She was able to catch a quick 15 minute nap before the wedding began. Not sure if it helped or not, but she was starting to be a terror! She did a great job coming down the aisle and standing by mommy. Sadly, that's where it ended. After sitting by grandma for approximately 2 minutes, she was back standing by me. Then she ran to daddy. From daddy she went and sat by Ross' parents. Mind you they had their own 2 grand kids with them to keep quiet. At one point Emma was trying to climb over the pew.
All of the girls.
Emma and Marissa were ready to cut a rug before the wedding even started.
The hubby and I
The clincher was when her and Marissa started arguing about which groomsman was their daddy. During the closing prayer. Very loudly. Emma actually got up and stood by Jason yelling, "No, that's my daddy!" So frustrating when their is nothing you can do! Thankfully, most people were extremely understanding, including my sister-in-law. She was glad for some comic relief due to nerves being in front of everyone. I'm sure someday I'll be ready to laugh about it too. Good thing she is so darn cute!
Burning off some energy in the nursery after the wedding.
Emma spent a little time at the reception. She had dinner and even busted a few moves on the dance floor before I had my mom come pick her up. It was a long day for a little one, but she had a blast. I wish I had more pictures to share, but standing in the wedding and keeping track of two year old leaves little time for snapping pics. I'll be sure to share a pic of the newlyweds as soon as I get my hands on some. I also can't wait to share their wedding gift I made for them- another post, another day.

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