Monday, September 26, 2011

Play Makeup

In years past, I have always made something for Emma on her birthday. It's a tradition I hope to continue over the years to some degree.

For her first birthday I made a growth chart out of a 2x4. I wanted to keep track every year, but also be able to take it with us when we move some day.

On her second birthday I gave her this table and chairs. I re-did the entire thing, complete with chalkboard paint on the top so she can color right on the table.

This year I found a tutorial on how to make play makeup and decided I had to give it a whirl. My little princess has become an early riser, so she tends to hang out in my room and drive me bonkers in the morning while I try to get ready. I have since given her a set of clean makeup brushes for her to use while I put on my 'face'. With every product I use I have to put some on her brush as well- little does she know, nothing actually goes on her brush, but she's happy to do as mommy does :)

This process was actually quite easy, it just takes a while to dry the paint.
You'll need:
-old, empty makeup containers
-old or out of date nail polish
-brushes or clean makeup sponges

Take any old makeup containers and clean the out using warm soapy water. This gave me a great excuse to go through my makeup and get rid of things that I hadn't used in ages!

Once the containers are dry, fill with nail polish and let dry. It's as simple as that! I found that the polish tended to settle in once it was dry so I had to go back and add more once the first layer was completely dry. I also had trouble with bubbles in the finished product. After a little trial and error, it seems to be best if you don't shake the nail polish too much before pouring it into your containers.
I also took one of the empty nail polish bottles and laid it on it's side, rotating it every hour or so to coat the inside of the bottle. Now she has a bottle 'full' of nail polish just for her too.
I put it all in her own makeup case and now she can get ready in the morning with mommy :) We did discuss that she is only allowed to use the pieces in her case by herself- I didn't need her thinking she could help herself to my nail polish collection unsupervised!

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Val said...

i should have done this years ago...instead they go for my stuff and they love to layer it, and layer it some more! Great idea!!