Friday, November 18, 2011

Growing Pains

I've finally entered my third trimester- the count down to d-day has officially begun! While I'm trying to fully appreciate every moment of this pregnancy (especially since it might be my last), I'll admit to having a few things to groan about.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my hips these days. One side in particular. If I jump up and try to walk off quickly, my leg tends to just give out. I've gotten close to landing on my rear end a couple of times. I try to remember to take it slow, but it's easier said than done when you're after a 3 year old who is intent on getting away from you!

Getting dressed is becoming more challenging every day too. Not only is it hard to pull on my socks, I don't enjoy picking out what to wear. Many people have graciously given me clothes which I sooo appreciate. I have several cute pieces that I love and seem to wear over and over, but there are lots of other pieces that just don't fit me right. And maternity pants drive me crazy! While they are super comfy, they don't stay put. I spend all day long hiking them up.

Thank goodness for my pregnancy pillow or I'm sure I wouldn't be getting any sleep either. My hubby hates the thing, but I'm not willing to give up a good night's sleep. He complains that it takes up too much room in the bed and he can't cuddle with me, but he tends to roll to his side of the bed within minutes of falling asleep anyway so he'll get over it.

Have I also mentioned that this kiddo doesn't have a name yet? While big sister has settled on Elmo, I don't think that will be making the final cut. The hubby and I haven't had much down time together lately, so it's kinda been put on the back burner. Anyone have some great boy's names they'd like to share?

Speaking of big sister, we've been battling quite a bit lately as well. Some of it's due to busy schedules I'm sure. We're working almost every day and rarely see daddy. Add to that the upcoming addition to our family and the possibility of moving and things probably seem quite unstable to our little one. In the course of a week she's had almost a dozen accidents. This is from a child who had never had an accident before! She's also been insisting on being fed at meal time. I was greatly relieved when I looked into it a little more to find this regressive behavior is completely normal.

I think the biggest issue for me right now is the unknown. I want to be nesting, putting all of baby boy's things away. Since our house is on the market it will just have to wait a little longer. Come mid-January, if the house hasn't sold I can start finding the right place for all his tiny things. Plus the upcoming holidays and carzyness leaves me feeling behind on everything right now. Grant me patience Lord, it's not my best virtue!

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