Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Sister Prep

Emma attended class at the local hospital a few weeks ago to prime her for the big changes coming her way this February. Sadly, our leader was a young girl fresh out of college and not quite equipped for the challenges of dealing with a room full of kiddos. The average age in the room was 3, but she spoke to them as if they were 10. You can about imagine how well that worked.... It was a bit chaotic, but Emma soaked it up. She brought home a 'big sister' shirt, a hat she picked out for baby boy and a pic of her hand prints to compare to the baby's footprints when he comes home.
The children were schooled in holding a newborn, diaper changes and swaddling a baby. Let's just say Emma needs a LOT more practice before attempting these things on her own! She was also quite vocal through out the class, providing entertainment for all. A father also added some humor to the evening when he broke a doll's leg off while trying to assist his toddler in changing the diaper. His son was horrified and started crying about daddy breaking his baby sister.
Emma took her job very seriously and held onto that baby as if her life depended on it. She had been looking forward to the class ever since I signed her up. As we were prepping to leave our house she was dancing around singing about being a 'rockin' big sister'. I know it won't be totally smooth sailing as we adjust to a little one in the house, but I am confident in Emma's ability to be an awesome sibling to her little brother. We can hardly anticipate his arrival- only 6 more weeks!

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