Friday, January 27, 2012

A Day of Fun

We were blessed to spend the day with some of our favorite people and have a ton of fun last week Wednesday. My mom bought a Groupon this past fall to take Emma to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. I was waiting for the winter months to utilize it, thinking it would be a great family outing some Sunday. However, daddy thought otherwise...

So I called up my dear friend Lyndsey to see if she was interested in making the voyage with us. We bundled up the four kiddos and hit the road for a morning of discovery, friendship, loads of giggles and fun. It was wonderful to watch the kiddos learn and explore among all the exhibits. I love that everything is kid friendly and they are able to be completely 'hands-on'.

The sand table was  one of the favorite places to play. I guess it shouldn't be surprising since the weather keeps us from digging in the dirt these days.

The giant bubble, another fav.

The kids did a great job creating monstrous bubbles.

How cute is this peanut?!?!

Love this pic, it totally captures the kiddos' enthusiasm.

Our little musicians.

Love this crazy kid!

The little chicken farmers hard at work.

My precious cow girl.

We had such a blast! Emma couldn't stop talking about our outing for days. It was an awesome experience all around. The munchkins were able to run off some energy while the mommies were able to catch up on life. Thanks mom for a much needed day out!

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