Friday, February 24, 2012

One Week Under our Belts

I can't believe our little man has been with us for a week already! He is proving to be a very laid back baby which I am so grateful for. We aren't struggling with eating issues like his big sister did, which immensely helps keep the stress level down for this momma. He's nursing 14-16 times a day and not spitting up every where. Diapers on the other hand are another story... While I had to change Miss Emma 2-3 times a day due to spit up, Easton tends to go through 2-3 outfits due to diaper explosions.

One week old
Emma is adjusting well to being a big sister for the most part. We are seeing a vicious side of her that was never there before and I hope it disappears with time. She is very sweet with Easton, but her attitude towards mommy and daddy can be appalling at times. I know my sweet peanut is in there some where, we just all have to get used to the changes taking place. She loves to help me out with little things around the house and she showers her brother with kisses whenever she gets the chance.

We feel truly blessed to have this tiny addition to our home!

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