Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing the Waiting Game

While I know our little man will  be here in 10 days or less, that doesn't make the interim any easier. My house has been cleaned from top to bottom. Almost everything that can be organized is put away neatly in it's place. My energy levels seem to go from extreme highs to extreme lows. For example, Emma was up and raring to go at 6:30 on Sunday morning so after a quick breakfast I got to work. By 9:00, my house was vacuumed, floors were mopped and windows had been cleaned. However, Monday was a totally different story. After cleaning at church and grocery shopping I wanted to do nothing more than lay on the couch and veg. Which is exactly what I did once we had lunch and Emma was down for a nap.

Even though my energy is lacking, I try to find at least one new activity every day to do with Emma. I know the dynamics are going to drastically change in the next few weeks in our house so I want to give her as much attention as possible now. Even when I'd rather cuddle with her on the couch and watch movies all day. Here are a few more things we've been doing around our house for entertainment. While some of them might not look like much, they have been a pretty big hit around here!

I gave Emma 10 clothespins and then had her stand backwards on a chair and drop them into an empty container. After some trial and error, we weighted the cup down with marbles. Otherwise the cup wanted to tip  over when she got the clothespins in.
You can experiment with different containers too. Use ones with wide mouths, narrow mouths, tall or short tubs to see if some are easier than others. Emma actually did really well with this and had a blast.

We also made some paint with glue and shaving cream. It's supposed to be a half and half mixture, which I found difficult to discern, but I'm not sure it matters to much. Emma has always loved to paint, but she usually is done after a picture or two. I had to cut her off at 5 since we were all out of paint!
The best part about this one is that I didn't need to worry too much about her clothing. I knew it would wash right out when we were done. Originally she wanted to make a snow man so I traced a few circles on a piece of paper for her. She wanted to paint with a paint brush, but as you can see once she got started she ditched the brush and went for a more free form design.
And what project is complete with out sparkles??? I think this may have been the first time she was able to operate the shaker on her own and it shows. She used about 3/4 of them on her 5 creations. I think this is another craft we will be visiting again soon. Next time we may have to add a little food coloring to give it more variety.

We're all just hanging in there, waiting for baby boy's arrival. There will be plenty of time for cuddling on the couch and watching shows once he's here!

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