Friday, March 16, 2012

One Month

Easton Grant you are one month old- how did that happen??? You still seem like such a peanut, but after seeing other newborns I realize just how much you've grown in the last four weeks.

Currently you eat every 2-3 hours with no predictable schedule at this point. I know some day I'll miss the late night feedings, but right now I look forward to longer stretches of sleep! You've been struggling though since you've been fighting a sinus infection AND a double ear infection.

Newborn diapers no longer fit around your chubby little legs and belly. I've packed up most of your newborn clothes as your limbs have outgrown them, which makes me tear up just to think of! Wearing mostly 0-3 month now.
You have started to smile and will stick out your tongue when prompted. Emma loves to sing to you and 'read' you stories. You are mesmerized by her and love to watch her.

We love you so much handsome boy and thank God for you everyday! You've certainly captured our hearts.

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Bellant Family said...

Awww! He is so darn cute and growing fast. Sounds like you are enjoying every moment and treasuring every memory. Love and miss you!