Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's Day

Being a mom can be a challenge some days. It's hard work, your on the job 24/7 and there are no raises along the way. It's about patience, sacrificial love, flexibility, selflessness. I have found it incredibly important to surround yourself with awesome examples of motherhood to make the journey a bit smoother. There are several ladies in my life I'm blessed to walk beside, but my mom has set an amazing example from day one.
After my near meltdown last week my mom felt the need to come for a visit on Wednesday. Emma and I anxiously awaited her arrival and I was completely surprised when she showed up at 8:20 that morning (no small feat since she has a 3 hour drive) Bonus: she came armed with Micky D's for breakfast, a rare treat for us!
We spent the day hanging out, taking in a Tulip Time parade, junk food and each other's company. I couldn't ask for a better day! Everyone was spent by that evening. Typically, we'll stay up late chatting, but the lack of sleep caught up to us all. The plan was for her to get up in the morning and hit the road when I left for work at 6:50.
Imagine my surprise when I came down to pack the car the next morning and she was still sound asleep on the couch. I told her to take her time and let herself out when she was ready. Throughout the morning I checked in with her a few times to see how she was doing, but I never suspected a thing. Little did I know she was keeping herself quite busy.
She ended up heading home around 11 after she dusted, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms and put dinner in the crock pot. I came home feeling like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It felt like I almost had the night off. All I needed to worry about was tending to the kiddos. This isn't such a daunting task when the house and meal are taken care of.
All morning she busted her tush to get this done for me, while she had to get home and do the same thing since she was hosting her small group that night. Not to mention the 3 hour drive home and squeezing in a few hours at the office. Good thing she has such an understanding boss :)
This is just one recent example of her awesomeness. My mom shows me time and time again the parent I hope to become. Today's a perfect time to celebrate her- what she means to our family, her love and support, her generous spirit... everything that I admire.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


Mom said...

I love you cookie! Thank you for your beautiful words - they are a gift beyond anything that could ever be wrapped with a bow.

I am a very honored and blessed to be your mom. I always tell people you grew into an amazing woman "in spite" of me and my mistakes over the years.

It is a joy to watch you as you raise your own children and see how very much you love them. You go without sleep, breakfast, new jeans, tub time and more as you selflessly care for Emma and Easton. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful mom. I am incredibly proud of you (and will probably forgive you for that first picture). :-)

I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

Lyndsey said...

it is such a blessing to watch you two in your beautiful relationship. excited to have this with ayla jo one day! in lots and lots and lots of days that is. in the meantime, jess, your pic of little jessica looks so much like little emma i squealed out loud. adorable!! bear does not believe that it is not emma. ahhh!