Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Time Fun, Hillbilly Style

With the crazy warm May temps we've been having, we decided we needed to partake in some water activities. While we only live 20 minutes from Lake Michigan, it's a lot of work to load up two little ones and all the crap stuff they need to fight the crowds on the beaches. So we decided to break out Emma's new slip n' slide.

Only one minor issue- the slide portion only covered about half of the hill along the side of our house. Most people would just drag the slide down the hill until the pool section was on flat ground. Not my hubbs. He cleverly fashioned a slide extension out of an old tarp. I informed him that it wasn't going to be slippery enough.

His next solution- soap. Not any old soap though. He used the soap he washes our vehicles with. The kind that includes a wax coating. I told him it wasn't a good idea since it was bound to get in the eyes. After a few trips down the slide himself he agreed. We used up an entire bottle of baby shampoo. A minor price for an afternoon of entertainment!

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