Friday, June 8, 2012

Four Months

You are four months old now lil' man! It seems like the days fly by so much faster than they did with your sister, probably because life is so much busier. I wish we could slow down time to enjoy each moment with you even more.

*Four month picture still on camera*

At your four month appointment you weighed in just under 14 lbs in the 16%. You are 63% for height- I'm sure you're going to be long and lean like your daddy.

You have become so much more alert and responsive these days. You are full of smiles and will even giggle if we catch you in the right mood.

Grandma Jen and I took you and your sister to your first parade during Tulip Time, but you apparently weren't too impressed. You slept right through it!

This year the tulips were lacking due to unseasonable temperatures a few week prior to the big festival. Many referred to it as the 'Stem Fest' of 2012 instead of Tulip Time. Sadly, we didn't get any pictures with the tulips, but I did get a few cute shots of you guys sans the flowers.

You're getting so big sweet boy, we love you!

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