Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Months

I can hardly believe my little man is 5 months already! You're still so little, yet I look back at pics from the first few weeks and see how much you've changed. It's exciting, yet tugs at my heart. I want you to stay my baby for a while- cuddly, loves your mama and can't talk back like your big sis :)

No doctor appointment so far this month, so I don't have any accurate stats, but I'm guessing you weighs in at 14.5-15 pounds. At this point your diapers are still on the first size setting, but I have a feeling we'll need to adjust the rise on them soon. You're still wearing mostly 3 month clothes, with the occasional 3-6 month outfit thrown in. Although who am I kidding, with the temps in Michigan lately you've only been sporting diapers!

I think you take after the Burtraw side of my family and feel sleep is over-rated. You don't have much of a schedule, even though this momma sure has tried. At least you finally will nap in a bed and go to sleep on your own with very few tears. When you get sleepy you curl your toes up tight and sometimes rub your noggin (only on the right side). So precious! You love your little taggie Auntie Val made you and never go to sleep without it. The bassinet has finally been packed away since your head and feet touch the ends, but you haven't made the move to your room yet. Mommy's not ready to get up with you AND your sister 6-8 times a night!

You continue to grow more interactive by the day. I have yet to catch it on camera, but you have mastered the pouty face. Where do kids get that from anyways?!? Overall, you are a happy guy and don't hesitate to offer a smile. I caught this video of you and your sister playing together this week- she loves to be goofy and apparently you appreciate it as well.

You were able to roll over last month, but I feel as though you are now working on perfecting those skills. I'm afraid my days with you staying in one place are numbered! I also feel like you must be cutting teeth soon because the drool and your chewing habits are out of control. You also have this habit of rubbing your little feet together when your upset which is causing you to wear the skin right off your toes. If it weren't so darn hot outside I'd have sock on you all the time!

We love you so much handsome boy and can't wait to see the changes this next month bring for you!

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