Monday, August 27, 2012

Farwell to Summer

We just returned from our final camping trip for the 2012 season and what a trip it was! Many hours were spent feeding the goats, swimming in the pool or pond, enjoying everything the game room had to offer and chasing after our adorable children. I'm pretty sure they put a lot of miles on their bikes last week. They have so much fun together and I love the memories we are making with them during these excursions.

Working on their game
Love this sweet birthday girl!
Lots of excavating was going on around our campsite

Watching a movie for a little down time for all

Easton loved sitting at the table with us

How precious are these two?

The beach offered lots of entertainment

Emma loves those Meiste boys

Easton got a kick out of hanging in the water

The three musketeers headed to the swim dock

Craft time

The kiddos trying to cause trouble just like their daddies
What an awesome week we had despite the climbing temperatures and roaming chickens who liked to leave their mark. Nothing like stepping in chicken poo barefoot.

Feeling extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends to share our time with and the ability to have another week bonding with our children. Looking forward to another trip to Triponds next year! Now on to the numerous loads of laundry that camping always leaves in it's wake....

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