Friday, August 10, 2012

Half a Year

Little man, how is it possible you've been out of my belly for six months already?!? That seems so crazy to me! I love watching you grow and change, yet want to savor all of the baby moments as well since you may very well be my last baby...

I'll update with accurate stats in a few weeks after you have your 6 month check up. I'm sure you are weighing in at 15 pounds and some change and you are still high on the charts for length percentage-wise.

**Update- at 26 weeks you weighed in at 15.8 lbs (11%) and measured 27 in (59%)**

You're diapers on now on the mid-rise setting, but I can still pull the aplix tabs together until they are touching skinny boy :) You are all over the board when it comes to clothing sizes. I had to pull out the 6 months pants and jammies because your legs are so long. Good thing for cloth diapers, otherwise I'd never get the pants to stay on your rumpus! Your onesies are 3/6 month and 6 month and your shorts are 3 month and 3/6 month.

Your sleep habits during the day are improving. Typically you get two shorter naps in the first part of the day (45 min to an hour) and one longer one in the evening (about an hour and a half). However, if we are on the go all day you sometimes decide that a nap really isn't necessary. You still eat about every three hours so you tend to wake mommy up twice in the middle of the night around 1 and 4. Then you're up for the day about 7:00.

Mobility is finally catching up with me- you've figured out how to scoot around on your back to get where you want to be. Between rolling and scooting around you have no trouble getting into things already. I left you in the office to grab something the other day and came back to find you across the room pulling your sister's doll house apart and chewing on it (no worries, the only pieces he could access were not a choking hazard).

You are more than willing to share your smiles with anyone who will make contact with you. Everyone loves to stop and chat with you when we are at the store and they all comment on how you are such a happy baby. It's very true, you only cry when you are hungry or tired. You are pretty content and love to just sit and observe everything going on around you. Peek-a-boo is your new favorite game. It solicits giggles from you every time!

Still no teeth, but the drool continues! Everything goes in your mouth too. I'm sure there must be one coming any day now. This month you'll get your first taste of solids. I can't wait to see what you think.

Love you sweet boy, thank you for all the joy you've brought us!

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