Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cadillac Fun

Jason has been on the hunt for months now for his next 'toy'. He did the research, he knew what he wanted, it was just the matter of finding the *right* one. Two weeks ago he found one that (mostly) fit the bill. It doesn't have a back seat to accommodate our family and it isn't street legal, but those are all things that can be added. Once we brought it home we decided we needed to plan a weekend to go up north and put the Commander to use. Turns out our friends we're hoping to head up to Cadillac for the weekend to stay at a family member's cabin and do some trail riding.
With much excitement a little bit of crazy, things were quickly packed on Saturday morning. The boys loaded up the toys and we hit the road. The kiddos could hardly contain themselves- Emma was so excited to have a sleep over with Max, Wes and Ayla. Upon arrival at the cottage the men were chomping at the bit to get riding. So we sent them on their way with the promise that they'd return before it got too late so we could get everyone fed.
Unfortunately, Brad had a small breakdown when his belt busted which put a minor damper on the evening. We hit Culver's for dinner and then searched the area for a place that sold Polaris parts. One store existed locally, but they were locked up tight for the night with no hours listed. The men were not to be deterred though. We headed back to the cottage to come up with a game plan and let the little ones settle in for the night.


Sunday morning started bright and early when the guys hit the road to drive 2 hours round trip to Baldwin for the necessary RZR part. The ladies started at a bit more leisurely pace since the temperature out was a whopping 36 degrees. We did not feel that we had enough layers to battle the outdoors right away! So we dined on massive donuts instead.

No, Weston is not having cake for breakfast- that's about a quarter of one donut. These things were the size of dinner plates and so nummy!
We were finally able to send the kids outside to play

Once the temperature became bearable, we loaded up the kids and hit a local park for them to run off some energy.
Easton was happy to hang out int he stroller and watch
Hunting for the perfect rocks to throw int he water

We returned to the cottage in time for the kiddos to load up and take a quick spin around the lake with their daddies. I'm not sure who had more fun!
The wives each took a turn before we left as well. While I hope it brings Jason lots of enjoyment, I look forward to the day when we can all ride our own quads. Going through the trails at 50 mph isn't my idea of a relaxing afternoon! I have no problem going fast per say, but I enjoy it much more when I'm at the wheel.
Thanks to the Meiste's for setting up the trip and making everything fall into place. We had a great time and look forward to many more trail riding adventures!

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