Saturday, October 27, 2012

Season of Changes

Almost one year ago we placed our home on the market because we had our eye on another house in the area. After a few months without a single call, the other house sold and we decided it wasn't meant to be. A lot has changed over the last year- our family grew, Emma started school, the trucking company celebrated a year of success.

Recently the farm to the west of the home farm became available. The sweet couple who have lived there forever decided it's time to move into something smaller. Jason has always thought that might be a great place for us to relocate too, but I've never quite agreed. It's very close to the farm which concerns me for starters. My hubby is a hard working guy so I'm afraid being right next to work will cause his presence in our home to lessen. I fully appreciate how hard he strives to provide for his family, but I need him here too.

I also love living 'in town'. Don't get me wrong, we by no means live in a metropolis. However the speed limit in front of our house is 35 mph, there are sidewalks to bike and a school within walking distance to play. Those things will all be gone. The farm is on a rural 55 mph road. I have to remind myself the kids will have more room to roam with fabulous neighbors close by.

So the last week has been a whirlwind at the Klein household. Last Wednesday we were given access to out new home even though we don't close on it until this Wednesday. We, along with the help of family and friends, have been hard at work to prepare the 'new to us' home for moving. Plaster has been pulled down, layers of floor have been pulled up, wallpaper has been torn down and painting has begun. We have a long way to go, but we're making progress.

Unfortunately some of the work isn't going to be able to be completed before we move in. Our current home is being rented to a couple who have to be out of their rental by the 10th and she is due with their first baby on the 17th. Needless to say, they are experiencing some stress of their own and want to be in here by the 4th. So I'll keep packing like a maniac and moving boxes one by one until we get there. Please pray for us during this crazy transition!

I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss this old house. For all the complaining I did about silly little things (being cold in the winter, uneven floors, and not enough space) I love our home and it has served us well. It's the first house we bought, where we came home after our honeymoon, where we brought our babies home from the hospital. The place where we've rested our heads for the last six years. There is a lot of love and memories in these old walls. Now I'm gearing up for all the things to come in our new home!

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