Thursday, November 8, 2012

Living the Crazy Life

Well, we're all moved in a settled into the new house. Hahaha, if only that were true! As the hubs put it, we're living dorm room style. I like to point out that it's worse considering our roommates are under 3 feet tall and have a strict bed time to adhere to. We are all moved in, but that's about it. The whole situation feels surreal.

Almost everything was emptied out of our old house on Saturday and we spent our first night on the couch since the air mattress we were hoping to use developed a substantial hole. The rest of our belongings we're moved on Sunday and now we're still trying to get things in order. Hopefully we'll be all settled by Christmas (I wish that was an exaggeration).

It seems like each thing we try to accomplish hits a roadblock. The only thing that has gone smoothly was carpet installation in the living room which was essential for us to have a place to sleep. Just a few examples:
-Wallpaper steamer blew a hole in it less than 24 hours after I bought it. So thankful Menards replaced it!
-Tenants backed out so I had to turn utilities back on at the old house until we figure out what we're going to do.
-Hardwood floors need to be refinished, but the company hasn't gotten back to Jason. As soon that is done we can at least set up our office and 'settle' into the guest room until the upstairs is finished.
-The dining room was not going to be painted until we removed tape from painting the trim... this removed some of the paint. Since we don't have any old paint it looks like we'll be painting in there after all.
I could keep going and I know in the grand scheme of things they're all minor, but it's hard when your living in the middle of it. Especially when you have some sort of neatness OCD like me!

I promise to have before and after pictures- some of them you will hardly believe. Until we're ready for that here's a picture of the outside.
 I'm sure we'll be happy when everything is all done. It won't happen over night so I just have to remember to be patient. I know someday we'll look back on this whole escapade and laugh at the chaos that's going on, but I'm not there yet. What were we thinking?!?

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