Friday, November 16, 2012

Nine Months

Well little man the last month of your life has been rather chaotic. A lot has happened, but you have been great just rolling with it.

You continue to be such a good natured little fellow, with the exception of your sleeping habits. Mommy finally moved your pack 'n' play  into one of the empty rooms of the new house and let you cry it out because at this point I don't know what else to do with my dear stubborn boy. We made it one night where you slept all the way through until you had to move back into the living room with us while the wood floors are refinished. You wake up no later than 5:00 every morning and fuss until I break down and feed you around 6:30.
We celebrated your baptism
We are down to four feeding a day (about every 4-4.5 hours) and three solid meals. You don't snack much, but you do chow down when it's time to eat. There isn't too much you don't like with the exception of peas. Still can't get you to choke those things down. You eat a jar of baby food at every meal and then a portion of whatever we are having. If we don't allow you to try something we're eating you get really upset. You've also learned the sign language for 'eat' and 'more'. I love that you are able to communicate your desires more clearly!
We packed and moved in 1.5 weeks
You still have no interest in 'creeping' along the furniture, even though mommy has tried. You are able to get up on all fours and crawl, but after a few paces you decide it's faster to do the army crawl. Sometimes you will kick your feet out while you are up on all fours which makes mommy giggle. It looks like you are doing a donkey move with those feet flying. You can go from laying to sitting too, but you don't have much interest in doing so- you'd much rather be on the move. You've also learned to speed crawl when you know you're in trouble and heading for some where you're not supposed to. So cute, but so naughty!
Your first Halloween
Last weight check you came in just under 17.5 lbs when weighed fully clothed. At your 9 month visit you weighed in just under 17 lbs. You're now in the 6%, but the doctor attributed some of that to the nasty cough you've been struggling with. It seems like you are all over the place when it comes to clothing sizes! You are primarily wearing 9 month or 6-12 month, but some of your 6 month and 6-9 month stuff fits just fine. Your jeans are all 6-12 month which are perfect in length. However you continue to crawl right out of them. Mommy still hasn't pulled out the cloth diapers since the move. She's still waiting for a few things to get settled before we go back to them. For now you are in size 3 diapers.

No new teeth this month, but you've had a nasty little cough you just can't shake. We had a 24 hour stretch with a high fever and a rash once the fever broke, but nothing the doctors have been able to clear up. For a while there it was very clear you weren't feeling well. Oh the joys of cold and flu season! The cough itself doesn't seem to slow you down too much. You're still a happy little bugger :) We love you so much little man!

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