Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Craziness

The last day or so leading up to Christmas and the ones following tend to be a bit hectic for our family. Not sure what it will look like next year when there are 5 of us, but we stuck with our typical tradition again this year.

We celebrated Christmas as a family Sunday afternoon. The hubs and I didn't do anything since we have so much going on with the new house, but the kids had stockings to open and to presents to unwrap under the tree. It may not seem like much, but they get spoiled rotten between all the family parties so we think a minimalist approach is best.

On Christmas eve we hit the road to celebrate with my mom's side of the family at my Grandma's house. We stuff ourselves with way too much scrumptious food, have a mini Christmas program and then open gifts. During the Christmas program we light candles and sing Christmas carols while the kids tell the Christmas story. Jason wasn't impressed with Easton's 'hillbilly Santa Claus' get-up i had for him this year :)
The grandparents with all their grandchildren and great grandchildren
Once it's way past the little peoples' bedtime, we load up and continue to head east to stay at my mom and step-dad's house. Usually everyone heads to bed while my mom and I stay up to chat and wrap any last minute presents. This year an amazing thing happened- all the gifts were under the tree so we didn't have to break out any wrapping paper!

Christmas morning can be a bit chaotic with 4 adults and 5 kiddos nestled in around the tree. We open presents and have a big brunch before packing up the van again to head back west to my dad's. We hang out open presents and have dinner. Most of the time we stay over night before heading back home, but with Christmas on a Tuesday we needed to get back so Jason could go  to work. We also had scheduled our carpet to be installed upstairs.

Papa Spence is aiming to be the next family photo bomber
Things are a little crazy, sometimes things feel a bit rushed, but this is the best system we currently have to see all of the family that is spread out in a short time span. Next year we may have to come up with a new plan- it's hard to fit four of us, all the gifts and overnight gear in our van now!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Party with the Kleins

This year's festivities with my hubby's side of the family were back-to-back. We celebrated on Friday night with his sister, brother-in-law and parents and then saw the extended family on Saturday. The kiddos did well considering their schedules were all off. Easton even figured out that unwrapping presents can be great fun.
Loving on daddy
'Cheese' with Aunt Jessica

 In fact these little people keep me so busy, I barely got any pictures this year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

10 Months

How can my baby be turning one in two short months?!? I swear the time flies even faster with kiddo number two. Life is so much busier, more tumultuous and mommy finds herself struggling to keep up, but I want to be sure these things are documented for you to look back on one day precious boy.
Mom-fession: You may be a *bit* older than 10 months here.
I think we finally have a sleep schedule figured out for you- hooray! You take two naps (about a hour and a half each) and then go down for bed between 7:30-8:00 and sleep until around 7:00. This makes your momma one happy lady- she needs her beauty sleep.

You still nurse four times a day, along with 3 meals and two snack through out the day. I have several jars of baby food left, but we typically don't do more than one a day (if I even give you one at all). You're not a big fan of the stuff anymore and it so much easier for me to simply put food on your tray you can maneuver yourself.

I swear, if your eating habits are any indication of things to come I better start saving for grocery bills now! I know the doctor said your weight percentage had dropped last month, but I can't fathom how. You must have your daddy's metabolism, plus you never stop moving unless there is food involved or your sleeping.

You have finally managed to crawl and have gotten pretty good at it although you still army crawl on occasion. I'd say you have your own crawling 'style'. It seems like you dog track when you're on the move, with your behind off to one side when your on the move. You've also discovered creeping along furniture so I don't think it will be long before you take off! You also visited Miss Katie to get your first hair cut.

We had some diaper rash troubles this month so we've been going back and forth between cloth and disposables. You still wear a 3 in disposables and the cloth diapers are on the middle setting. Clothes are 9 months or 6-12 months these days. Most days you sport sweat pants or one piece outfits because mommy hates fighting to keep your jeans on all day long.

It was another crazy month at our house with demolition still on going at home and all the holiday festivities. Yet you continue to roll with everything and don't let many things get you worked up as long as you still get fed :) I pray your laid back attitude stays with you as you grow- we need someone around to balance out your feisty big sis! You are still the happiest little fellow I know and we love you to pieces!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Room to Grow

Not exactly what we were planning, but our family continues to expand. Goes to show we're following His perfect plan (not the one we had mapped out in our heads).

Next year the Klein household will have FIVE stockings hanging from our mantel and we couldn't be more thrilled! Through all the craziness of moving and renovating we've found another reason to be joyful this Christmas season.

*Just to clarify for all those questions that have been asked- we are not intending to fill all 5 bedrooms in our new house :) *

Monday, December 10, 2012

Daddy, the Photo Bomber

Just when you think you've captured a few cute pics of the kids during the holiday festivities, you get home to find someone was being deviant int he background...

I hope to get a couple of decent photos of the kids this year without Jason intruding!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grandma Must be Mrs. Claus

We had our annual party with my mother-in-law's family yesterday and every year we have a special visitor. Mrs. Claus comes to pass out gifts to all the children. Last year Emma decided it must be grandma Klein (which is in fact true) we tried to convince her otherwise.
 After Mrs. Claus left this year she came right over to me to inform me that Mrs. Claus is grandma. I told her she was wrong so she promptly pointed out that grandma was no where in the vicinity. While my child has a grand imagination, it is clearly limited to dolls and play time. I think Easton has a year or two yet as long as his sister doesn't blow it for him
Later grandma told her that she was in the bathroom when our visitor arrived and wanted to hear all about it. Emma said that she looked and talked like grandma so it must be here. Grandma informed her that she think they may be related... I don't think this tradition will hold out as long as I had hoped!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Party of the Christmas Season

The kids had a great time at the first of many Christmas gatherings this weekend. We joined my dad's side of the family to celebrate before my grandparents headed south for the winter. With 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren in attendance it was loud and chaotic, but wonderful to be able to celebrate the holiday together.
Emma decking out the cookies for the party
Technology was very prevalent this year!
Our best gift this year!

Easton helping Carrie open gifts and Kayla helping Emma try out her new robe.

Easton checking out his chair handcrafted by great grandpa Spence. Every grandchild and great grandchild has one, such a special tradition!

He loves it!
So good to see everyone and celebrate the Christmas season together. We love you all!

*I have some pictures to come of the gifts I made, but have to get through the rest of our parties first :) *