Friday, December 14, 2012

10 Months

How can my baby be turning one in two short months?!? I swear the time flies even faster with kiddo number two. Life is so much busier, more tumultuous and mommy finds herself struggling to keep up, but I want to be sure these things are documented for you to look back on one day precious boy.
Mom-fession: You may be a *bit* older than 10 months here.
I think we finally have a sleep schedule figured out for you- hooray! You take two naps (about a hour and a half each) and then go down for bed between 7:30-8:00 and sleep until around 7:00. This makes your momma one happy lady- she needs her beauty sleep.

You still nurse four times a day, along with 3 meals and two snack through out the day. I have several jars of baby food left, but we typically don't do more than one a day (if I even give you one at all). You're not a big fan of the stuff anymore and it so much easier for me to simply put food on your tray you can maneuver yourself.

I swear, if your eating habits are any indication of things to come I better start saving for grocery bills now! I know the doctor said your weight percentage had dropped last month, but I can't fathom how. You must have your daddy's metabolism, plus you never stop moving unless there is food involved or your sleeping.

You have finally managed to crawl and have gotten pretty good at it although you still army crawl on occasion. I'd say you have your own crawling 'style'. It seems like you dog track when you're on the move, with your behind off to one side when your on the move. You've also discovered creeping along furniture so I don't think it will be long before you take off! You also visited Miss Katie to get your first hair cut.

We had some diaper rash troubles this month so we've been going back and forth between cloth and disposables. You still wear a 3 in disposables and the cloth diapers are on the middle setting. Clothes are 9 months or 6-12 months these days. Most days you sport sweat pants or one piece outfits because mommy hates fighting to keep your jeans on all day long.

It was another crazy month at our house with demolition still on going at home and all the holiday festivities. Yet you continue to roll with everything and don't let many things get you worked up as long as you still get fed :) I pray your laid back attitude stays with you as you grow- we need someone around to balance out your feisty big sis! You are still the happiest little fellow I know and we love you to pieces!

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