Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grandma Must be Mrs. Claus

We had our annual party with my mother-in-law's family yesterday and every year we have a special visitor. Mrs. Claus comes to pass out gifts to all the children. Last year Emma decided it must be grandma Klein (which is in fact true) we tried to convince her otherwise.
 After Mrs. Claus left this year she came right over to me to inform me that Mrs. Claus is grandma. I told her she was wrong so she promptly pointed out that grandma was no where in the vicinity. While my child has a grand imagination, it is clearly limited to dolls and play time. I think Easton has a year or two yet as long as his sister doesn't blow it for him
Later grandma told her that she was in the bathroom when our visitor arrived and wanted to hear all about it. Emma said that she looked and talked like grandma so it must be here. Grandma informed her that she think they may be related... I don't think this tradition will hold out as long as I had hoped!

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