Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

Emma and Jason went on a special 'date' last night to the daddy-daughter dance our church puts on every year. We were battling the flu here on Thursday so I was a little nervous they were going to miss it, but nothing was going to stop miss Emma from going. She picked a fancy dress out of her closet and was so pumped to going dancing with daddy. She's becoming quite the daddy's girl these days.
 Turns out she was a bit of a turkey when it came to actual dancing... Sometimes she was excited to dance with Jason while other moments she wanted to be up on the stage with the other little girls. One minute she wanted daddy by her side and the next she was telling him, "Don't look at me!" Needless to say it was a bit trying for Jason and maybe a tad overwhelming for our little princess. However she came home very excited and looking forward to the one next year :)
Hopefully they can make many more memories like these in the years to come!

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