Sunday, February 24, 2013

Minor Panic Attack

Easton had his one year check up this week. Everything was routine until about an hour after we arrived home. He was sitting at the table eating lunch, but he seemed to be distressed about something. I wasn't too concerned at first since his appetite and acceptance of food have gone down greatly since his birthday- I figured this probably had something to do with his exorbitant consumption of cake on his big day.
When I came at sat next to him after cleaning up the other kiddos I realized he was furiously rubbing his feet and ankles together. I pulled off his socks and discovered his little ankles were all swollen! At that point I figured he must be having an allergic reaction to one of his shots. All I could think of is how long was it going to be before he couldn't breathe?!? Worst case scenario momma here, guilty as charged...
Of course it's lunch time so the doctor's office was closed. It took forever about 5 minutes for the doctor on call to get a hold of me. He said it sounded like a rare reaction and to treat him with Benadryl until the symptoms disappeared. Needless to say, I sent up the pack 'n' play in my room and got very little sleep that first night. I was up constantly, checking to make sure he was not having any trouble breathing.

We ended up back at the doctors the next day because the rash worsened and I wanted to be 100% sure that was what we were dealing with. The doctor took one look at him when she came though the door and confirmed it. Our little buddy must be allergic to either the chicken pox or MMR vaccine. Not sure what will do when he needs his booster down the road, but so glad the whole ordeal is over with! It took 4 days to clear up. I don't know how parents who have kids with severe allergies do it!

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