Sunday, February 17, 2013


I know I've said this a thousand times, but where does the time go?!? It seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital with you and you were giving us a heart attack with your apnea episodes. One year later you are crawling around the house at top speeds giving your mommy panic attacks with your latest trick or feat!
Mommy heard you crying and I ran to the playroom, but couldn't find you. Turns out you were crawling around in sissy's stuff and landed like this in a box!
You sleep for 11-12 hours at night and still take two naps a day. Sometimes we miss the morning nap which you do fine with, but it makes getting back on schedule a little tough. I'm a bit nervous a the trend we've developed in our house though- when Emma was a baby, I didn't get her out of bed until 8:00. With you mommy never gets to stay in bed past 7:00. This can only leave me to wonder what will happen when babe number 3 joins the family....

You still have a pretty healthy appetite. I can't believe you're such a little peanut yet, it leaves me to wonder where all that food is going! At your doctors appointment you weighed in at 18lbs 10 oz, ironically exactly what your sister weighed at her one year check up. You eat three meals a day, nurse four times and will snack throughout the day when ever something is offered. There isn't much you won't eat with the exception of peas. You'll even eat salad if you have ranch to dip it in. We have another ranch addict on our hands I'm afraid!

Currently you still have no interest in walking. You have no problem pulling yourself up and cruising around. However, if we try to hold your hands and help you walk your legs turn into spaghetti noodles and you collapse to the floor. You have started a new crawling technique on your hands and feet with your butt up in the air. I think the wood floors hurt your little knees so this is the solution you have come up with to protect them. It's entertaining to watch for sure! You've also added the word 'truck' to your vocab, making daddy so proud.

We have finally conquered the staff infection and you are back in cloth diapers. Some are on the largest setting while others are still on the second setting, just depends on the fit we are going for. Clothes sizes are all over the place. You still wear a lot of your 9 month shirts and jammies, but we had to put away all the 9 month and 6-12 month pants away and you strictly wear 12 month ones. We struggle a little still though because, as before, they are perfect in length yet way to big around the waist so I can't seem to keep many of them on you.

There were a few more firsts for you this month-playing in the snow, going for a snowmobile ride, Valentine's day.

You're such a sweet, cuddly boy. Over the last year you have brought countless smiles to our face and unmeasurable joy to our lives. You are loved and adored by mommy, daddy and your big sis as well as your extended family. I pray as you continue to grow you come to know the Father's love and look to Him for wisdom and strength as you journey through life. We love you little man!

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