Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Joy Ride

We have been hit by the first real snow of the year here and on Sunday we were all able to go outside and enjoy it. Easton wasn't thrilled to be all bundled up as you can see.
He also was not sure what to think of the sled.
Much more content to be carted around in mommy's arms.
He did venture out on his own a little bit, but with no way to pick anything up or really play in the snow it didn't last for long.
We are blessed to live next our dear friends, the Meiste's now so Jason hit the trails with the ol' banana snowmobile while we followed on the Commander. Brad rigged up a sled behind his ride and pulled the big kids in endless loops around the house and field.

Easton even took his first ride on the rusty trusty snow mobile.
He was pretty solemn about it, we're still not sure that he really likes the snow. However he loves being outside so I think he was tolerant of being wrapped up in ten layers of clothing.

What a fun afternoon to spend with family and friends!

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