Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

We were able to take a mini getaway this past weekend with our awesome friends and neighbors the Meistes. It was a much needed vacay and probably the only one we'll get this year aside from our lone camping trip in June so I was determined to enjoy it despite my hubby's sour mood about being in the car for 3 hours.

We took our time getting there, stopping for breakfast and a little bit of shopping before checking in. I love how well the Meiste children behave in the store- Brad got all of them to line up and sit quietly in the front of the store while we looked around. Too bad I can't get Emma to do this for me, it was the most peaceful shopping I've done in a long time :)

Once we arrived, we threw our stuff in the room and hit the slides. Emma loved every minute in the water park, plus the all the extra activities they have available for little people. I don't think we could manage more than a night there- the waterpark can only hold everyone's attention for so long. Easton is a but young to really enjoy the water and all it had to offer too.

I tried to get a few pictures to capture all the fun that was had, but the lighting in the water park and my camera did not get along. Here's a few that kind of turned out..

All ready to go splash around
I'd say she's having fun...
Since he couldn't ride on any of the slides, he spent most of his time playing in the fountains.
We also had some fun in the arcade
Enjoying story time before bed

Getting hugs from Violet
 Monday morning we had a nutritious donut breakfast. We picked them up on the way to Traverse City- they are monstrous things, the size of dinner plates. Needless to say our family couldn't finish one between the four of us!
What a messy girl!
I made Easton eat a banana to balance out his sugar intake- the kid shoved half of it in his mouth at once!

Hitting the slides one more time before we go.

Easton and daddy checking out the water works

'Look right here little brother'
Emma wanted to take advantage of all the photo ops before we could leave.

Overall we had a great time. Easton was sick by Sunday night so he was a little miserable, but otherwise everything went well. We decided to take a leisurely route home as well, stopping in a little diner for lunch and enjoying some new sights on the way home. Thanks to the Meistes for suggesting this fun excursion, we'll have to do it again sometime!

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