Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

  We were able to partake in the Hamilton Memorial Day parade again this year. It was quit a bit different from last year though. Easton sat so nice and still on my lap before. This year it was a full workout trying keep him from climbing out the window while throwing candy and keeping him from eating it at the same time. Not to mention the drastic change in weather- last year it was terribly warm while this morning brought overcast skies and a cool breeze.

Jason's not so sure we should do it again next year since we'll have more babes than laps. I think we're up for the challenge though. We also managed to run out of candy again which was a bummer. I'd spent almost $20 in candy and we had two buckets full so I was sure we'd be set. We did have to throw away a few soggy pixie sticks that Easton got a hold of, not to mention that pieces that he threw on the floor while mommy was doing her juggling act.
We're hoping to spend the remainder of our day together, enjoying each other's company. Please keep all those who are fighting to serve our country today in your thoughts and prayers. I'm sure they'd give anything to be in our shoes- what a sacrifice! Thank you to all those who have served in the past as well. May you have a blessed Memorial Day!

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